SoftRobot: Frequently asked Questions

ERPWEB is Business Operating System-SoftRobot is Software development robot-SoftService is Software Service 


Frequently Asked Questions

SoftRobot Business Application Software Development Technology FAQ


Q. What is SoftRobot Technology? What is the need for such technology?


Software Development is necessary evil for every business. How fast and at what cost your company manage to get it done is major decision factor. Manage requirements &change to ensure timely delivery is most important function in development.


There are two major elements of costs in software development:

  1. Speed of development  (Ideally from days to years).
  2. Software Developers cost. (Ideally in range of US$ 10-1000 / man-hours).

You need to increase speed of development at the same time you need to reduce costs to win the order. SoftRobot Technology is designed specifically to answer this problem.



SoftRobot means Software Robot designed to work like your paid programmer. Programmer’s knowledge of business application development is fed in SoftRobot to achieve speed of development by eliminating coding as far as possible.


SoftRobot is a brand new, interactive, codeless, data driven, technology that eliminates 80% of the traditional software development cycle time from design to implementation, All WITHOUT generating any SOURCE code, recompiling OR possessing any language suite.  




SoftRobot will help software developers to Analyze, Prototype, Develop, Test and Implement Business Applications Solutions in easy, fast & low cost manner.


Apart from RAD & CASE enabled Component based complex development methods, another method of documents-based applications development was required. Having to write code to perform basic or common operations places an unnecessary burden on the developer. A complete strategy was required to support both programmatic and codeless application development, to support all applications and developers. Hence codeless methodology was developed where coding is minimum.


Here codeless means we do not generate client-end code files like asp, jsp or exe for creating standard applications. Application Logic is stored in database itself. Our SoftRobot Engine then develops front ends by reading application logic stored in database. Advantage of using standard translator programs like SoftRobot engine is to reduce error and application development time.


Entire SoftRobot Technology is web based e-document management system.


Q. What do you mean by Documents in SoftRobot Technologies?

Document means electronic Document. Documents in cyberspace work together to achieve real e-Business. e-Business is electronic Business methodology which is virtual compared to physical business. Electronic Documents are analogy of physical paper based documents. Once on your computer desktop, these documents can be retrieved effortlessly in seconds.

Basic purpose of computerization is creating, managing & retrieving electronic documents. All software available in market try to solve this basic purpose whether it is MS Office, SoftRobot, SAP, Auto CAD, Photo Shop, Web Pages etc. These software provide basic facility to create, view or print various types of Documents. The software like MS Office, SoftRobot etc. are document interpreters, builders and are called virtual machines.  E.g. Word is a virtual machine, which replaces physical machine like typewriters.

Thousands of organizations around the world use electronic documents every day instead of paper documents to achieve e-Business. The reasons for this change are simple:

  • Prevents lost records
  • Saves storage space
  • Manages records easily
  • Finds documents quickly
  • Makes documents remotely available
  • Eliminates need for physical file cabinets
  • Distribution become easy via email or internet
  • Helps environment become pollution free

A complete document management system comprises of six elements: 

Documents are entered or scanned into the system. The document management system stores them somewhere on a hard drive or optical disk. The documents then get indexed. When a person later wants to read a document, they use the retrieval tools available in the document system. Which documents can be read and what actions performed on these documents is dependent on the access provided by the document management system. Every document system requires security. SoftRobot is a complete document management system comprising of all six elements as mentioned above.


As document is container of information, similarly folders or registers are containers of documents. Group of physical files stored in NOS (Network Operating System) like Windows (We also called files as documents) are stored in a container or binder called Folder. Whereas group of physical records in BOS (Business Operating System) like ERPWEB (We also called records in database tables as documents) are stored in a container called Register.



Q. What do you mean by Applications in SoftRobot Technologies?


Despite all the perceived arguments, complexities and theories computers perform only 2 functions:

  • Capture Information (add, edit, delete, capture, browse, process data)
  • Produce Information (reports, spreadsheets, paper, electronic, web, wireless).


Any software application at end of day is information processing system, which captures and produces data in organized fashion. Ideally speaking SoftRobot development methodology maintains analogy of physical world – by storing information in container called document. The person who uses this document and its information is called user.


Thus SoftRobot development solution is document and user based development. It is important to Study physical world and try to map as it is in software. Do not think like programmers. Do not think in terms of Objects, Classes, DLLs & UMLs. Think simple and build simple.


Each Document is stored in container called Register. Physical files are usually stored in container called Folder (WorkRooms). Registers are stored in database, which looks like a big Filing Cabinet. Similarly Folders are stored in Operating systems drive based Filing Cabinets (c:, a: etc.).


An application is a group of documents, users, menus, database etc. as follows:


Documents: Every application can have documents of various type like :

  • Forms: Where data is entered, modified, deleted or transferred.
  • Reports: Where data is read only, organized and presented.


Registers: Every application can have various registers containing this documents like:

  • Open: This means all documents in this register are open for add, edit, delete.
  • Approve: This means all documents in this register are waiting for your approval.
  • OffHold: This means all onhold documents in this register are waiting for offhold.
  • Closed: This means all documents in this registers are successfully approved and closed and can be printed or emailed.
  • Rejected: This means all documents in this registers are rejected, can also be printed or emailed.
  • Customized: This register can be DTS – Data Transfer Services transferring certain data as per certain conditions.


Menus: Every application can have menus organized with different schemes as follows:

  - Menu Scheme 1: Department wise menu organization

  • Department and Module name linked to module help
    • Procedure name with SubModule help linked
      • Document name with WorkRoom Folder Link
        • Registers name with functions like Add, Edit, Delete, Search Functions associated.

  - Menu Scheme 2: Traditional Operation wise menu organization

  • Masters: One time documents entry to setup or implement system
  • Transactions: Daily Transaction Entries
  • Reports: Output read-only documents to produce organized results.

  - Menu Scheme 3: Self-service customized Portal based menu as per roles

Now software’s are also driven via individual user specific portals.

  • Departments: Every company has departments
  • Role based Portals: Every departments has people with roles
  • Menu Screen as per Roles: Every role can be defined using documents


Users: Every application can have users with user manager


Workflow: Every user has to assign a user right to define workflow where specific documents with specific rights are available for action within register. If a user is allowed to access Open register then he can create or edit document. If a user is assigned to approve, he can Approve, Onhold or Reject document etc.


All the above application requires software structure, which end-users will hardly understand in that:


These application structures can be described further as follows:


Document Types: There can be many document types

  • Master only Form: Documents with single database Table
  • Master/Details Form: Documents with Master and Details linked database Tables
  • DTS Document: Data Transformation services documents, which transfers data from one database table to another with certain logic in between. This is useful for EAI(Enterprise Application Integration).
  • Reports: Read-only data generated in HTML/XML for real B2B links.
  • Linked files: Files in MS Office formats are linked to applications.


Documents Database: There can be associated documents database

  • Tables: Actual place where the data will be stored
  • Views: Pull data from various tables and views as per requirements.



Q: You said Software Engineering is still baby – in its infancy stage? Explain how?


- If hardware technology efficiencies are doubling every 12 to 18 months why hasn't the time required, number of people and expertise to develop and implement software applications decreased to correspond with these expanded technical abilities?

- In recent years computer hardware prices have dropped dramatically. Why have the costs for software or consulting services continued to escalate?

- If the brand name software and consulting companies truly perform and deliver as advertised why don't they offer a guarantee of success to customers?

- Has high cost branded software system saved the client money, enhances customer relations and brings value to shareholders? Check it yourself. Whose interests are the MNCs or big Brand vendors really looking out for?

- All above things shows that there is a need for software, which develops software there by reducing software development cycle time and cost by reducing number of developers developing it.

- SoftRobot provides a totally new Software Engineering Methodology.


Q. Compare RAD & SoftRobot Development methodology step by step?

CASE & RAD Tools (VB, VC++)

                    Draw UML Diagram

                    Create Classes

                    Create Objects

                    Set Properties

                    Program Events

                    Create Database

                    Create Tables

                    Create Fields

                    Link Front-end Objects

                    Create Menus

                    Link Form to Menu

                    Run: Compile/Interpret


New SoftRobot Tools (6 Managers)

                    Draw Business Flow

                    Create Users/Roles

                    Create Menu

                    Create Application

                    Document Name

                    Document Type

                    Assign User rights

                    Assign Menu rights

                    Edit Applications

                    Define Doc Parameters

                    Modify default settings

                    Refresh Menu & Run






























WHAT'S NEW? - is a common phrase often used when greeting a friend. If we were to ask this question to most in the Information Technology Industry we would probably be told about a new version of some existing software product or technology. The basis of the IT industry is now comprised of "the same old stuff being marketed as innovation".  SoftRobot is new tech. & not version upgrade


Q. What are parts of SoftRobot Product?


Following parts are contents of SoftRobot product suite:


  1. SoftServer: Run-time Engine: Interpreter for codeless programs.
  2. SoftRobot: Development Tools: Codeless program development tools. There are development and testing tools available in this and they are Application, Reports, Menu, Workflow, Testing & Database Managers.
  3. ERPWEB: Application Templates: Ready-to-use codeless applications. This business server contains: CRM, SCM, FRM, MRP, FRM, HRM,ITM


Q. What is SoftRobot Engine or Application Server and what does it do?


Our SoftRobot Engine develops front ends by reading application logic stored in database. Standardization is a key to major success. Today’s IT professionals are grounded in repetition. Programming, screen, file and database handling are purely repetitive tasks with multiple tools across many environments. SoftRobot has identified and automated these repetitive processes via engineering methods of storing logic in decision matrix. SoftRobot engine is responsible for translation.


Q. How do you position SoftRobot Product in International Markets?


1. End-Users Markets

- This includes end-users like Companies, Individuals, and Government etc. This user group is final buyer who will buy solutions and services from Providers 2,3,4 and 5.


2. Business Application Software and Solution Provider Markets

- This can be your company who buy software and solutions from below mentioned 3 providers to server end-users. This companies major earning lies in providing customized solutions to end-customer with regular services. This customer is major target group whom SoftRobot will be most useful. It can be companies IT/EDP Department or Software Solution provider or developers.


3. Application Template Providers Markets

- This includes Application Templates like SoftRobot ERPWEB, SAP etc.


4. Software Development Tools and Technology Providers Markets

- This includes Development Tools like SoftRobot Development Tools (Application, Reports, Menu Design, Workflow, Database and Testing Managers.), others are MS Visual Studio, IBM Visual Age etc.


5. Software Infrastructure providers Markets

- This includes servers like Operating systems, database servers, Application Servers etc. e.g. SoftServer Engine, MS Windows, SQL Server 2000, IIS etc.



Q. What services does SoftRobot offer via SoftService?


  • We can build or help you build the solution you desire on a fixed fee basis.
  • We offer training on the SoftRobot technology and we can tailor training to build any application on your company’s list of objectives. We offer rapid applications walk through sessions, hardware, configuration, and logic advice also.
  • We can also customize and implement our ready to use ERP, CRM, and SCM Software application template called ERPWEB as per your companies’ requirements.
  • You can outsource your entire IT Department to us or hire our trained developers to your place for onsite development or we can also provide you offshore development facility. You can specify your requirements from time to time, we in turn make product more powerful to fit your requirement with our expert knowledge. It will be difficult or mostly impossible to have such expert people in your company who can work faster than our people at our low subscription cost that we offer.  We bet that salary of people that you employ will be much higher than our annual services costs. We only charge you fixed subscription cost per annum, whereas industry work on US$ 20 to 1000 per man-hours. Our biggest benefit is that we are based in India. You are intelligent enough to see your benefit.


Q. What applications can be built with SoftRobot?


Any business document based application that resembles analogy to paper based physical world can be developed using SoftRobot. Some of the solutions we have developed include our ERPWEB System, which has most business solutions like CRM, SCM, MRP, SHOPFLOOR, INVENTORY, SHIPMENT, AP, AR, FRM, HRM, PAYROLL etc. It is what any organization requires. We have also build eHospital software as per famous HIPAA Policy of US Government.


Q. What support you provide with SoftRobot?.


Training is provided to selected internal staff as part of the contracted fee. This training will position an organization to support internal development needs and end user requests. An SoftRobot help desk hot line is available to every client should the need ever arise. SoftRobot charges for support calls. Help line support is billed per call or email.


NOTE: There are two types of support calls, developer and end user. We have found that most questions are not related to SoftRobot but rather business applications questions from end users.  If your internal staff is not capable enough to answer ERPWEB or your Customer’s business questions, then it is recommended that you hire our experts from India to perform said job.


Q. What is the SoftRobot Development Tools learning curve?


Some visual Tools can take years to learn. Developing applications using visual tools often require teams of individuals possessing complex technical skills. Using SoftRobot legacy employees become immediately productive (most are fully up to speed in less than a week if they know basics like HTML, ASP & SQL)


Q. What is ERPWEB learning curve?


Every Business Application has business management theory behind it. It is important that you have people who understand business operations before operating an business application software. This is most important widely big subject for any company. There is no single company who can satisfy every business solutions and there never will be software that can provide complete business software that can fit every situation. That’s why you as IT Company or IT Department exist. SoftRobot provides you new engineering methodology of speedy application development. SoftRobot also provides ready to use business application templates in form of ERPWEB Software which you can change to suite your customers particular business applications requirements. Learning curve for ERPWEB is steep and complicated, but there is a lot of business management help and various menus that makes things simpler and faster.


Q: What about documentation?


SoftRobot is self-documenting technical parts. (Writes it's own documentation.) After making changes the system can reissue any/all documentation. The documentation (in English only) records and maintains the application program logic, user workflow logic, database linkage details etc.


ERPWEB documents where created manually. It consists of Business theory web based walkthrough; PowerPoint based screenshot presentations, testplan, etc.


There is general help like Website, Getting Started, FAQs etc.


Q. Please specify list of SoftRobot Development Tools?


  • Application Design Managers
  • Reports Design Managers
  • Menu Design Managers
  • Workflow Design Managers
  • Database Design Managers
  • Testing Managers


In ERPWEB this tools are placed in one module called ITM.


Q. Specify Application architecture proposed by SoftRobot & ERPWEB?


1. eApplication Server: This is most important part of SoftRobot which will help you to run your e-business.... 
2. eBusiness Server: This is business application templates which will run with help of SoftRobot eApplication server... 
3. eNetwork Server: This is network operating system software suits required to run ERPWEB Networks... 
4. eHardware Server: This is physical hardware required to run all above mentioned software's and your e-business.. 
5. eServices Suite: This is services that you need to plan for converting your physical business to e-business.

(Please refer product website at for details about this)



Q. How to create application with SoftRobot Application Manager?

  1. Open Browser write application URL & Start ERPWEB.
  2. From Main menu login to Application Manager.
  3. Click on New Application Design link based menu.
  4. Give Application Document name in short form less than 10 characters.
  5. Check Master/Document Checkbox if you want to create Master/Detail type of application.
  6. Select Submodule or Procedure this Document Application will belong to.
  7. Select Users to define workflow like who will create, approve, offhold & print document.
  8. Click on Create Document & Workflow button at bottom.
  9. Now SoftRobot will create all program files, Database Tables & Views & will also enter required data in database to make application operational up, running and functional.


Q. How to Delete Application with SoftRobot Application Manager?

  1. From Main menu login to Application Manager.
  2. Click on Delete Application Design link based menu.
  3. Select Document or Application name that you want to delete.
  4. Click on Delete Document & Workflow button to delete the application.
  5. This will delete all Tables, Views, programs & data entry pertaining to these applications.

Remember your application should have sysgen flag off, by default all applications are system generated applications there by making this sysgen flag on. To make sysgen flag off – goto Document Manager open that document and make the flag off & save the document.


Q. How to Edit Application with SoftRobot Application Manager?


a. Edit Document Design

  1. From Main menu loginto Application Manager.
  2. Then select the application that you want to edit or modify. e.g TestModule.
  3. Edit Document Design
  4. If you want to modify application at Document level click on edit link.
  5. This will allow you to change Document Name & Document grouping under submodule.
  6. Plus this will also allow you to change the basic SQLs used to operate your document.
  7. Edit Function Design
  8. If you want to change filter or view of different functions you can edit SQL.
  9. Edit / ADD Listbox Design
  10. In order to create or modify list box automatically attached to your form you need this.
  11. Create listbox by specifying link Table, Column from another table to this application table.
  12. DETFLAG is checked when you are specifying Listbox data for details table.


b. Edit Workflow Design

  1. If you want to change roles for users you can click on edit link.
  2. Six roles like Create/Edit/Delete, Approve, Onhold/Offhold, Print, Reject are predefined.
  3. You can add customized roles in the system also & can expand workflow of system.


c. Edit Database Design

  1. You can Add or Delete fields to Master or Details Table of your application database.
  2. You can also modify View of application Master or Details Tables of your application database.
  3. You can also modify business logic behind the application through Stored Procedures & Triggers.

d. Edit Report Design

  1. The Report Document that is automatically created by ERPWEB can be programmed using many tools mentioned in Report Manager section. The report can be in various formats depending on tools through which it was created. The reports can only be edited with specific tools through which it was created. e.g Report created using MS Excel can only be edited using MS Excel. You can only browser or execute data using ERPWEB and Internet Explorer browser.
  2. When you goto Edit mode in Application design you will see that in DADDRESS Field a report file name along with the format (*.asp, *.doc, *.xls, *.ppt, *.rpt etc..) is specified. No SQLs are stored. You can edit the file name associated with report. You can also modify user access rights for these reports.


Q. How to add more parameters or fields in a document?


Goto Application Manager. Select document you want to add fields. Click Edit. Goto Edit Database Design. Add field name,  select data type and click on Add Field button. Similarly by clicking on delete field link, you can delete field.


Q. How to change menu name of register linked to an application?


Goto Application Manager. Select document you want to modify. Click Edit. Goto Function Design. Click on register menu you want to edit. Modify text in DNAME Field. Your menu will change.


Q. How to change Title of the document?


Goto Application Manager. Select document you want to modify. Click Edit. Goto Function Design. Click on register you want to edit. Modify text in TITLE Field. Your document & register title will change.


Q. How to change workflow or user rights for an application?


Login to Workflow Manager to manage workflow operations.


Q. How to change menu for an application?


Login to Menu Design Manager to manage department wise menu tree.


Q. How to create report or linked document for an application?

·         Goto ERPWEB Report Manager & click on Create Report Link.

·         In Report Name text box supply appropriate report name.

·         In Report URL address supply file name with URL for customized or 3rd party reports formats (*.xls, *.doc, *.asp).

·         If you are creating customized reports with 3rd party Reporting Tools select "Manual Report File" option.

·         If you are creating automatic reports with help of ERPWEB select Tabular or Columnar Report Formats. In this report format you need to specify via which SQL this report will bring data from ERPWEB Database Server.

·         Select under which document you want to link this report as menu. This will group report under particular Department --> Procedure --> Document --> ReportName

·         Select which user will access this reports by default. You can create more users access from ERPWEB Workflow Manager.

Q. How to use asp templates in designing fresh asp documents?


You can use existing asp files as reference program templates to generate other programs similar in nature. All SoftRobot and ERPWEB Programs are open source written using ASP, ADO, VBScript, JavaScript and SQL Language.


Q. What are Hardware & Software requirements for SoftRobot & ERPWEB?


Development System: Minimum you require Pentium based PC with minimum 64MB RAM, which can run atleast Windows 98, PWS and SQL Server 2000 MSDE is required to operate SoftRobot & ERPWEB. If you are using Linux, then you also require Apache web server and Sun’s chilli ASP Plug-ins to run SoftRobot and ERPWEB.  SQL Server cannot work on Linux. In this case you need to transfer SQL Database into Oracle, Sybase or DB2  using DTS Services.

Production Systems: It is advisable to use ERPWEB & SoftRobot on Windows 2000 server with IIS5 installed. You will also require SQL Server 2000 database server. You may use Linux or Sun Solaris Unix with Sun’s Chilli ASP Plugins with Apache web server. You need atleast P4 with 1GB RAM and 40GB Hard disk.


Q. What are the hardware space requirements?


The processing power of the SoftRobot Engine is so efficiently designed that it runs in less than 1% of the space of existing products in the marketplace. This means no exe execution or loading to slow you down. The technology fits on a single cd-rom disk and can include complex applications with hundreds of screens. It will occupy minimum 50MB of your hard disk space.


Q. Can you compare advantages of SoftRobot web based applications technology with traditional windows or consol based applications?

Document Centric v/s Program Centric Systems


Document Web Centric

Windows Program Centric

Console Program Centric


Hotmail, SoftRobot,

ERPWEB, WindowsXP, mySAP, Office XP.

Eudora, SAP R/3, EX, Windows95, MS Office 7.

Pine, Tally, DOS, WS, Lotus123.


IIIrd, Latest & upcoming

IInd & dying

Ist & Outdated

Concept Analogy

Electronic Document IN Window Interface as an analogy to Paper Document.

Group of Windows = Window Pollution.

Single Window interface.

Technology Used

Web Application Platform Independent Internet Multimedia Technology with n tier C/S which can be used from any computer, anywhere

Windows based EXE GUI Application Programming bulky 2tier C/S Technology.Used with Proprietory LAN or WAN

ASCII Text based GUIless EXE. No Multimedia possible. Dull User Interface. Used with Dumb Servers or Clients.

Languages Used

Free used for Internet like HTML, Java, VRML, XML, ASP, CGI, JS, VBS, JHTML, VoML, SQL & ODBC.

Proprietory & Costly like VB, PB, VC++, Delphi, Oracle D2K, SAP ABAP4 etc.

Outdated primitive basic technology like C/C++, COBOL, BASIC, FoxBase etc


Installation at each Client NOT Required, only copying of files at server required.

Full fledge Installation on Client & Server Required from CD.

Single machine installation required with settings.


Only Server Program needs to be modified after any modification in GUI Front End, Business Logic or Databases.

All Client Machines needs to be re-installed after minor modification.

Only Server Program needs to be modified after any modification in program

Clients Platform

Any easy to learn & use browser IE5 or NN5 based Client required on any Operating Systems like Windows, Mac, Linux or Unix.

Only Windows version 3.11/95/98 based clients supported with installation.

Only DOS & Windows version 3.11/95/98 based standalone clients might be supported during installation.


All documents are linked in Internet Fashion, so it is easy to navigate at click of mouse.

Open documents through complicated open dialog box.

Open documents through complicated open dialog box or Text Commands.


Full fledge multithreading real-time technology which give power of servers.

Only O.S level threading provided w/o real-time access

Not Possible


It can work on Internet, Intranet or Extranet.

Works only on 2tier C/S Lan or Wan.

Works on Dumb Servers & Clients.

Files & Sizes

Files of very small size that can easily travel over network around the globe.

Huge Size bulky EXE Files that cannot travel over the Network

Small Size GUIless EXE Files can travel over the Network

Source Code

Can be Partially Hidden or Fully Open

Fully Hidden

Fully Hidden


Not Possible

Fully Virus Prone

Fully Virus Prone

Success Ratio & Life

Internet works on this technology for years without version update or obsolesce. You find less errors on Internet than Windows. Mostly new applications are developed using this.

Small life with proprietary technology, which keeps on changing every six months. This technology is changing its role by becoming component development system for 3rd generation technology.

No life with this technology as companies producing this technology has either gone bankrupt or has stopped selling software's & support.


Best, Easy to Use, Open Source & Free.

Outdated, Proprietary & Costly.

Totally outdated & useless.

Its suicide to go in for Program Centric Technology in Internet era

Q. Can you summarize what SoftRobot is and what it is not?


SoftRobot is the first truly data driven codeless development technology tool that can handle all your projects from a single application to your enterprise software requirements. With SoftRobot a developer or Business Analyst can easily create and change another developers work. With SoftRobot there is virtually no learning curve. SoftRobot is like real life document based development tool.


SoftRobot is not a toolkit that programmers use to glue modules together nor is it a visual product that requires a long learning curve to effectively use and support. Today’s visual tools and databases literally take years to learn and effectively utilize. These products often require a team of “specialists” to design and implement a complete application. Creating solutions by gluing these complex tools together has caused untold corporate disasters, cost overruns and cancelled projects. Traditional DCOM and CORBA Classes and Objects have created complex programming world with infinite errors & incompatibilities. SoftRobot limits usage of this Classes upto DOM, ASP & ADO APIs.  Limited use reduces learning curve and complexity. You are allowed to over ride SoftRobot methodology with traditional methods wherever necessary. Many program files in ERPWEB are written in traditional methods, as SoftRobot cannot produce it automatically. For latest information visit our websites at &


Q. What tools SoftRobot provide to build real-time B2B e-Business system?


SoftRobot has EAI (Enterprises Application Integration) tool via its direct Document DTS Register(Data Transformation Services), which transfers data  from one application database to other application database of same or different types.

SoftRobot can produce reports in XML format so that it can directly be provided to outside business associates, so that end-to-end e-Business can be achieved without releasing architecture of entire system.

SoftRobot can read and update its database from any 3rd party XML or Excel files with the help of its Document Upload facility.

SoftRobot Agent Technology can produce business intelligent alerts for mobiles in sms formats and for other devices in html or email formats.


Q. Kindly specify security features available in SoftRobot?.

In SoftRobot at bottom of every document before you do actions like Add, Edit, Delete, Approve, Onhold, OffHold you will find a signature box. The signature and password is same in SoftRobot. You need to provide your login password as signature. You can use standard web security techniques like SSL – to protect data traveling on network by way of encrypting it. By using digital signatures or digital certificates – so that only people with specific signatures can only open the website or email. You can use different port number for your web server also.



Q. Can you define architecture of SoftRobot Engine or SoftServer?